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Highly regarded Ofsted registered and inspected, the Rowhedge Pre-school for 2–5 year olds is based at the Rowhedge Community Centre near Colchester. Established in 1967, the group is open each weekday from 09.00 to 12.00 noon during term time.

As a registered Charity and therefore non-profit making, all monies provided go straight back into the best possible childcare for our children.

A maximum of 30 children may attend the pre-school at any one time from the age of 2 years.

A high ratio of trained staff to children ensures heaps of fun can be had by all whilst maintaining a safe and secure environment.

Sessions are available for children aged from 2 years up to 5 years of age. Government funded and non-funded places are available. Sessions run during term times, and commence at 9.00am–12.00 noon Monday to Friday and 12:00 noon–3:00pm on Thursdays.


At Rowhedge Under 5s the children are at the centre of everything we do. We know that in order to learn children need to feel well supported, valued and safe and secure so that they are able to play freely, explore, experiment, ask questions and express themselves.

We achieve this by creating an environment in which there are clear and consistent expectations of co-operation and positive behaviour, and where the children are encouraged and supported to make decisions and do things for themselves.

Within this we find that friendliness, politeness and an awareness of other's needs flourishes.

It is our aim that when children leave us to go to school they are capable, confident and resilient and ready for the next stage in their learning.


We encourage freedom of movement and provide opportunities to climb, swing, run, jump, roll, rough and tumble, ride, push, pull, balance, fall safely, crawl... the list goes on... in every session.

We know from research that this freedom of movement enables physical development to occur so that children are well-toned, strong and have good balance and hand-eye co-ordination. These are essential pre-requisites for any number of fine motor skills including reading and writing.

Many of our activities involve large movement or playing on the floor. The children are relaxed and confident and this is reflected in their very positive behaviour.


Positive behaviour management is central to our practice.

This means that we fully understand and embrace the fact that through positive behaviour management children's self-esteem is nurtured and developed.

We do this by fostering and promoting clear and consistent boundaries so that the children learn to understand what is expected of them. Within this children feel safe and secure and they begin to respect their own wants and needs and those of others.